Sulaimani ‘to develop’ modern bus network inside city, Iraqi Kurdistan: official

Sulaimani 'to develop' modern bus network inside city, Iraqi Kurdistan

Photo: Creative Commons/Pixabay

SULAIMANI, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— The Sulaimani governorate in Iraqi Kurdistan region will develop an improved bus system inside the city, the directorate of transport said on Saturday.

General Director of Transport in Sulaimani Sideeq Mohammed told NRT TV that the directorate would sign a memorandum of understanding with a company this week.

Mohammed, however, did not give details about the company that it had chosen.

“The network will work according to a timetable. This means the bus will arrive at each station at a certain time, whether there are people there or not,” he said.

Mohammed added that the system will use buses that adhere to international standards with air conditioning and accommodation for people with disabilities.

The buses will also operate at night.

“Besides improving the transportation system, we want to reduce traffic congestion inside the city,” the director said.

The new bus project will only include the Malik Mahmoud Circle Road, according to the official.

Project planners had initially hoped to open the system in 2017, but implementation was delayed due to the economic crisis that has faced the Kurdistan Region since 2015.

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